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Niandutí is a Guarani term meaning net or spider web.
It is also a very beautiful and strong decorative fabric manufactured using European techniques coupled with the ability of native American women.


We provide a network of services, we work in collaboration with out clients to organize and develop events, fairs and training courses.
We take care of every detail because we know that’s where excellency is.

Mercedes Gutierrez Zaldivar

Mercedes Gutiérrez Zaldívar


Since 1991 my professional career has been focused on three areas:
Tourism, organization of events and teaching.
I studied Hotel Management and have a BA in Art History and Management.
Because of my love for culture and passion for nature, I have traveled my country and much of South America, discovering and investigating: both as a tourist guide and providing training to multidisciplinary teams.
In our team, training is continuous.
Our expertise and contact network are at your service.

Congresses and Fairs

Over 20 years of experience organizing events

- Our services -
• Design and management of the event website
• Accreditation
• Customer service, dedicated information hotline
• Printed and virtual promotional material
• Design, printing and placement of signs and banners
• Press releases, advertising and management social networks
• Design of areas and rooms
• Stand design and project management. Location design
• Hiring of technological equipment
• Organization of activities for the attendants
• Organization of activities for accompanying persons
• Tours
• Transfers and hotel reservations
• Guides, translation and interpretation services

• Coordination of all areas
• Coordination and follow-up of event schedule
• Accreditation, delivery of materials
• Information desk and permanent assistance
• Assistance to lecturers
• Press accreditation and assistance
• Sponsors support
• Streaming
• Organization of interviews
• Attendants’ satisfaction monitoring

• Gathering of documents
• Gathering of press information
• Sending of thank-you emails
• Sending of diplomas, pictures and material
• Assessment and final report

Courses and training

We plan, organize and develop meetings, courses and training courses for our clients to motivate, develop and reward their staff.
We take care of everything:
From contacting professionals to finding a location, hiring caters and organizing additional activities.

The following companies trust NIANDUTÍ

• National Ministry of Agroindustry
• Puken Media
• Babson College
• Western Michigan University
• Universidad de San Andrés
• Fundación Endeavor
• Fundación Ortega y Gasset
• International Center of Photography

• Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes
• Reserva Ecológica de Buenos Aires
• Estancia Don Mario
• Estancia La Fortuna
• PGA Tour
• BA Photo
• Palais de Glace
• Universidad Austral - Law Graduates’ Association

Buenos Aires

We know Buenos Aires like the back of our hands.
We keep updated on present and future events.
This is why we are able to offer extraordinary tours to visitors and curious individuals, both Argentine and foreign.
We offer tailored cultural and recreational activities.
Live Buenos Aires


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Phone. +54 11 4342-8062

E-mail. info@nianduti.com.ar